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Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain can reveal itself in many different forms, but the most common way tends to be tooth sensitivity. When a tooth reacts painfully to differences in temperature regarding hot or cold beverages, the level of pain can be severe. Tooth sensitivity typically occurs when the enamel outside the tooth has eroded or the gums have receded, exposing a portion of the tooth root. In both cases, the pain is a cause for concern.

Tooth pain can also be caused by tooth decay or having a chipped or cracked tooth. At Arbor Dental, we recommend making an appointment for any signs of tooth pain. This is so we can perform a complete dental exam to determine the cause of the pain. Once we’re able to distinguish the exact source of the pain you experience, we can then discuss and implement a dental treatment plan.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Much like tooth pain, jaw pain can be revealed as a result of several different concerns. At Arbor Dental, we believe it’s important to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Often, by focusing on the cause, the symptoms will alleviate themselves in the process. We recommend a comprehensive dental exam at the first sign of jaw pain.

During an exam, we are able to see what is potentially causing the pain and can approach a treatment plan that addresses the source of the problem. In doing so, relief is closer than ever. If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw or a concerning tooth pain, contact us to make an appointment immediately. We may be able to see you the same day to find a remedy.

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