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Tooth Extractions

While we always make every attempt to save your existing teeth with general dentistry, there may come a time when the only option left is to have one or more removed. Tooth extraction is never the first line of defense, but it is a reasonable solution when using any other method of treatment will not save the damaged tooth. However, losing a tooth does not mean it is lost forever. We have a full list of services that can replace it, promising to leave your smile as beautiful as ever.

In the event there is significant bone loss or gum disease has progressed too far to salvage the damaged tooth, an extraction will be necessary. The Arbor Dental team will ensure the extraction process is easy and your comfort is not ignored. While a local anesthetic will be administered, we also offer sedation dentistry to help relieve any apprehension you may have during the extraction. Once the tooth is removed, options will be discussed to make sure the tooth is replaced with a comparable, undetectable choice.

A Focus on Comfort Delivers Quality Results

At Arbor Dental, we offer an array of services to help you relax, especially during those particular appointments about which you may not be too eager. With warm blankets, soft pillows and scented towels, we guarantee your comfort will not be ignored. We offer wireless headphones with music of your choice and flat screen televisions in every room if you need a distraction while we proceed with your tooth extraction.

Comfort is a constant priority and ultimately helps us deliver the quality results for which you seek. Ensuring you are as relaxed as possible helps your appointment run smoothly and allows us to focus on your dental needs. Your oral health is our concern, making sure you’re comfortable is our pleasure. Contact Arbor Dental today to schedule your appointment.

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