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Six Month Smiles

Having straight teeth is a goal everyone can achieve. A healthy, beautiful smile does wonders in boosting our self-esteem. With a smile and teeth you are proud of, you are able to present yourself as confidently as possible. From job interviews, to meeting new friends and acquaintances from your past, it is important to have a great looking smile.

Six Months Smiles cosmetic braces system

Now, with the latest developments in dental technology and advancements, Arbor Dental is able to help you achieve the goal of straightening your teeth beyond the option of traditional metal braces.

With Six Month Smiles, we are able to focus on the teeth seen most often while smiling, the canines and incisors. We do this by using clear braces. This concept allows your teeth to realign without the obvious metal brackets and wires. Six Month Smiles promises to straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces, often at a lower cost.

Straight Teeth in Six Months

The smile you have always desired is only six months away. Simply enough, Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic solution for crooked teeth. The visible signs often associated with braces are instead replaced with clear wires and clear corresponding brackets that gently align your teeth over the course of six months.

Six Month Smiles are changing the way orthodontic treatments are provided and the way conversations are initiated surrounding the topic of achieving the perfect smile. As a less expensive alternative to traditional braces, Six Month Smiles offers the best of both worlds; quality results at a reasonable price.

Contact Arbor Dental and make an appointment with our friendly team today to discuss all our orthodontic options. Six Month Smiles may just be the solution you have been looking for, and that perfect smile could be yours in half a year’s time.

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