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Root Canal Therapy

At Arbor Dental, your comfort is always a priority, especially during dental procedures that are typically surrounded by fear and discomfort such as a root canal. We offer sedation options to help alleviate any nervous energy you may be experiencing when faced with having a root canal. With the help of sedation, you’re able to relax while we take care of the rest.

A local anesthetic is always given before the start of the procedure to reduce any discomfort, but sedation dentistry is available in the event you’re particularly worried about the treatment. Our friendly team will discuss all your options and the best treatment plan for your needs before the start of root canal therapy. Doing so ensures you’ll receive the best outcome by being as relaxed as possible during the treatment.

With a root canal, a small hole is drilled into the affected tooth and the inside is cleaned. Once the tooth has been cleaned, the hole is refilled with a material to help seal the tooth root. A root canal is intended to clean and remove the infected tooth pulp causing the inflammation and pain. This is done before sealing it to prevent future infection.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Root canals are necessary to relieve pain from any condition that promotes inflammation or pain within the tooth. Many cases such as damaged teeth, cracks, chips, gum disease or lost fillings can potentially lead to the need of a root canal if left untreated. Once the infected pulp tissue is removed and the tooth sealed, relief is nearly immediate.

At Arbor Dental, we pride ourselves on your level of comfort and will do everything we can to ensure your procedure is as painless as possible. Relief is something we want to help you achieve and our experienced team will help you relax during root canal therapy, something definitely worth smiling about. Contact our office today to schedule your treatment.

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