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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is a helpful tool in maintaining your oral health. Your dentist does the screening during your regular, routine cleaning. As part of the comprehensive dental exam, we will look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in hopes of detecting it early. If there is an area of concern, additional tests may be necessary to rule out the possibility of cancer.

While oral cancer screening can be done as a part of our general dentistry treatments, there are reasons to specifically ask for one if you have not had a screening in a while. Factors that increase the possibility of oral cancer are tobacco use, alcohol use or a history of oral cancer for you or your family. Screening for oral cancer is an important part of detecting cancer early and can be the single most important decision made for your oral health.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

As with any cancer, specifically mouth cancer, identifying it early can be the difference between curing it or having it progress beyond treatment. If lesions or other cancerous cells are detected within the mouth in the early stages, they can be removed entirely. Hopefully, the diagnosis is made in stages early enough to prevent the cancer from spreading.

Identifying oral cancer early is as simple as having it included in your regularly scheduled cleanings. If, for any reason, you have cause for concern regarding cancer in your mouth, please contact us and mention this immediately to make an appointment for a screening. At Arbor Dental, we want to offer the highest quality of care for all your dental needs.

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