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At Arbor Dental, we make every opportunity for every patient we treat through restorative dentistry to have the best smile possible. If you are missing teeth or have teeth showing signs of damage or decay, we offer a premium line of dentures to help restore your smile. There are many different options to choose from, and they are guaranteed to resolve your needs and suit your budget.

Constructed from a durable acrylic material, dentures are tough enough to function as normal teeth. With dentures, you will be able to speak and eat just as well as you did before, if not better. Restoring your smile has never been easier. Dentures are natural-looking and simple enough to maintain that they will become nothing short of a blessing.

While we try to preserve your natural teeth at every opportunity, there may come a time where extraction is the best solution. We promise to remove any teeth threatening your oral health gently and provide a solution by way of a denture as quickly as possible. Dentures can be created to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth without sacrificing your comfort or convenience.

Partial Dentures

In the event that only some of your teeth need replacing, Arbor Dental offers partial dentures as a solution. A partial denture can be designed to fill in specific teeth that are missing by using the adjacent teeth as a support structure. The partial denture will be created from an impression mold taken of your mouth. This allows for the most comfortable fit, ensuring a fully functioning denture.

Once the denture has been created, it is installed instantly to restore your smile. Permanent dentures last for several years, making them the most cost effective, beneficial solution in complete dentistry restoration. Contact our office to make an appointment with us today to discuss all the options available for restoring your smile to its former glory.

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