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With time comes improvements, and the world of dentistry is no exception. At Arbor Dental, we offer advanced treatments using the most recent technology. Our staff makes every effort to consistently receive ongoing training to ensure the services we offer are of the highest quality. CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) is a specially designed x-ray machine used in cases where regular x-ray machines are unable to reveal certain details. With CBCT, a special scanner is used to create a 3D image, allowing further insight into dental structure, nerve paths and soft tissue.

Intraoral Camera

In addition to the 3D images produced by using CBCT, specific cameras designed for dental use are available. An intraoral camera, slightly larger than the average ink pen, is a camera inserted into the mouth to gather high-resolution footage. The images are displayed on a monitor in real time, allowing your dentist to see areas of your mouth and sides of your teeth in extreme detail that are typically hard to see during a regular exam or cleaning. With the use of intraoral cameras, images can be enlarged around problem areas by zooming in to focus on particular concerns. The advancement in technology helps diagnose diseases earlier, resulting in a more aggressive treatment plan and quicker road to recovery.

Dental Vibe

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dentalvibe tool

Many patients suffering from dental anxiety attribute their discomfort to the fear of needles. With the recent breakthrough in technology regarding shots, Dental Vibe is making it possible for patients to receive dental care without their fear of needles getting in the way. With Dental Vibe, a small vibration is applied to the injection site while the anesthetic injections are administered. The vibrations reach the brain first, essentially blocking pain signals typically received from the injection. Consequently, injections are painless and the advancement is proving to provide peace of mind for anyone affected by dental anxiety.

Infection Control

Our office is equipped with HEPA filters and UV filters to disinfect the air.

  • We use CaviWipes to disinfect our office
  • Midmark Autoclaves to sterilize
  • N95 Masks for our staff
  • Ultrasonic machine to clean instruments
  • We screen patients for high risk of COVID-19 via questionnaire and thermometer.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Vacusol to run the lines
  • Spore Test done weekly
  • We have separate operatories to isolate our patients. We have pocket doors to further protect our patients.

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