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Dental Bridges

Spacing is a crucial part of achieving the perfect smile. From crowding to gaps, spacing is important in maintaining a great set of teeth. When there is too much space or a tooth is missing altogether, the additional space can leave room for surrounding teeth to shift or become loose. Unnecessary space can lead to improper support and can even weaken the gums over time.

At Arbor Dental, we have good news to address the issue of additional space from missing teeth! We offer dental bridges to literally bridge the gap between your teeth to fill in the space. Doing so eliminates the open area and fills it in with a tooth that looks and acts just like your existing teeth. Dental bridges are a great cosmetic dentistry treatment to explore when looking to replace missing teeth in a section between your natural, remaining teeth.

Bridging the Gap

Your dentist will create a mold by making an impression of your mouth. The mold will help shape and custom fit the bridge to fit your specific needs. The teeth on either side of the gap will be prepped for the bridge. A temporary bridge can be used to fill the gap while the permanent bridge is being created using the mold. The temporary bridge will help ensure a perfect fit for the permanent bridge before it is fixed into place.

Once the permanent bridge has been inserted, your dentist will review all necessary information on how to clean and care for your new dental bridge. After it is in place and the fit is customized for maximum comfort, you will be able to speak, eat and drink just as always. Dental bridges are a great way to bridge any gaps you may have from missing teeth, one step closer to achieving that perfect smile. Contact Arbor Dental today to get on your way to the perfect smile.

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