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Teeth Bonding

Bonding can be explored to correct a cracked or chipped tooth. It is typically the least expensive dental treatment option and can often be completed in a single visit. At Arbor Dental, we recommend dental bonding for various reasons. However, it’s often the first course of action to explore when a tooth has become damaged. The composite resin used in bonding allows the tooth to be remedied in a way that is essentially undetectable, as the resin can be colored and shaped to match the original tooth.

Bonding itself is the easiest way to correct a damaged tooth where the majority of the damage is cosmetic. Using a resin that permits shaping and coloring allows the damage to be repaired and disappear. The tooth looks the same, or even better than it did before the damage occurred.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

While bonding can be used to correct a chip or crack in the tooth, it is most often used for cosmetic reasons. The benefits of dental bonding lend themselves to cosmetic remedies for issues such as discoloration, length concerns or spacing. By using dental bonding, we’re able to color the tooth to match those surrounding it, lengthen it to match the teeth on either side for symmetry or fill in unnecessary spaces.

The process of bonding requires your dentist to roughen the texture of the existing tooth so the resin has a proper surface on which to bond. The resin is then applied and shaped with the color being chosen beforehand. The entire process takes less than an hour, and after 48 hours, the tooth can be treated as normal by resuming regular brushing and maintaining routine cleanings and checkups.

If dental bonding is something you wish to explore, contact our office to make an appointment today to discuss it further.

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