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Comprehensive Orthodontics

At Arbor Dental, we offer a full range of comprehensive orthodontic services. We pride ourselves on the ability to handle all your dental needs in one central location. Comprehensive orthodontics consist of services provided over time in phases to achieve the result of a straight, bright smile. Whether you are asking about cosmetic procedures or corrective procedures, we have you covered.

By providing comprehensive services, we are able to reach the goal of aligning the teeth and jaws without sacrificing function. This is an ideal approach in establishing and maintaining good oral health. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about all our treatments such as implants, crowns, sleep apnea and oral surgery, guaranteeing we can meet all your dental needs.

Phase I

With the option of phases in comprehensive orthodontics, we are able to take preliminary action in establishing your child’s dental health. Often, phase I is reserved for adolescents in an effort to prepare them for treatments they will need down the road. Typically, we offer certain services to children 8-10 years of age that may have spacing issues or need bite correction. By correcting these issues early, we can ensure the jaw continues to grow properly and allows room for the adult teeth to break through later.

Phase II

During phase II, we can round out the dental plan discussed during phase I. At this time, the adult teeth have grown in, or have started to grow in, taking advantage of the framework outlined before. While there may be space for the permanent teeth, they may still be crooked. Phase II allows us to explore other orthodontic options in order to correct those issues. Braces may be necessary, and our team can identify the various options available to help decide the best solution for your needs. Let us help you get started today, contact our team at Arbor Dental.

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