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Composite Fillings

Fillings used to be made from amalgam, a product consisting of a mix of several different metals. While amalgam was exceptionally durable and cost effective, it was not the most aesthetically pleasing cosmetic dentistry option. The unnatural coloring was an obvious sign that dental work was performed.

At Arbor Dental, we strive to make dental work seamless and undetectable. Advancements in dentistry technology over the years allow us to use composite fillings.  These fillings blend into the color and texture of your existing teeth. Composite fillings are made using a special blend of plastic and ceramic materials. Because of this, fillings can be colored, contoured and molded to match your existing teeth.

Composite fillings allow your dentist to successfully treat a multitude of dental issues. Teeth that are cracked, chipped or uneven can be remedied using composite resin. Gaps and spaces can be filled using composite fillings, ensuring your smile is beautiful and complete.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite fillings use resin made from a mixture of glass, plastic and ceramic materials. It easily lends itself to molding and coloring to naturally blend in with your existing teeth. The bond is durable and allows the tooth to appear and function as it normally would. Since the resin can be molded and contoured to the shape of the teeth around it, your filling will essentially be undetectable. Composite resin also requires less of your tooth to be removed for the bonding to occur. This results in a quicker, more effective visit to our office.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment today.

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