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Chipped Tooth Repair

There are very few things that compare to the pain of having a chipped or cracked tooth. When the pulp is exposed, soft tissue beneath the enamel, the tooth is exceptionally sensitive to temperature. Hot and cold beverages or foods can cause extreme pain upon contact. When you have a chipped or cracked tooth, it is important to have a dental professional assess the damage and provide dental treatment as quickly as possible.

At Arbor Dental, our experienced team will make every effort to fit you in as quickly as possible. By doing so, we are able to minimize the damage and significantly decrease the chance of losing the tooth entirely. Depending on the extent of the damage, we have several options available to repair the tooth and consequently save your smile in the process.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

A tooth that is cracked or broken threatens that bright, white smile we are all after. However, at Arbor Dental, we can remedy the damage to your tooth as if the unsightly defect never occurred. We offer dental crowns that provide a protective cover for your tooth, all the while looking like your natural teeth in color and shape. It is essentially unrecognizable and will appear just as the tooth was before the damage. A special resin bonds the chipped or cracked section of the tooth and completely blends into the remaining, healthy portion for a smooth, finished result that cannot be detected.

If you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity as a result of a chipped or cracked tooth, contact Arbor Dental immediately. Our emergency scheduling allows for urgent visits to become priority, and we will schedule you for the first available appointment. If possible, avoid food and beverages until we have the opportunity to evaluate the damage and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

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